Betterment Properties Ltd secure Curtis Fields Development

A recent appeal has been ruled in favour of Betterment Properties Ltd who have now been awarded the new major development at Curtis Fields near Lanehouse in Weymouth.

The detailed design of the first phase includes the formation of 64 residential dwellings, 19 flats, a convenience store and office premises, which will be integrated in conjunction with improvements to the existing highways, watercourse, drainage and landscaping. Furthermore, outline permission has also been granted in light of a second phase of development comprising of an additional 97 dwellings.

The development itself is situated in a prime location where homes, jobs and facilities are easily accessible to each other and are open to new and current transport links. The existing and potential landscape quality of the area should be the critical focus on any development. The scheme at Curtis fields makes sure of this through the retainment and improvement of the wide abundance of existing green routes meandering throughout the site whilst creating significant areas of public open space. The newly formed streets will provide a sustainable and visually attractive environment which are designed around community interaction and not car movement.

The varieties of homes built focuses on the needs of the local population, including the need for affordable housing across the board comprising of dwellings for a range of family groups and flats suitable for the young and the elderly.

Please feel free to browse through a selected number of images regarding  the Curtis Fields designs in our galleries section.