About Us

Betterment Properties was formed in April 1967 by Mr Stewkesbury who is still the majority shareholder, a director and Company secretary. The name “Betterment” was chosen because there was a property tax that was levied by the government around the time the company was formed, that tax property called ‘Betterment tax’. For many years the area of operation for the Company was Dorset (excluding Bournemouth/Poole area) Up to 2011 the company had produced over 3,500 new homes. More recently with restricted availability of larger sites the Company has had to venture further afield. In the last 10 years a site for 91 houses has been built & completed in Crewkerne, Somerset and another site in Ottery St Mary, Devon as well as Axminster, Devon. We specialise in building sites of 100+ dwellings and like to have 3 or 4 sites going at any one time. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact us.


We Are An NHBC Registered Company


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