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Welcome to Betterment Properties, we are a local housing developer based in Weymouth, Dorset. We build houses all over the county and further afield. We develop sites of all different sizes with a mix of rented and for-sale properties.



We strive to ensure that every part of our houses are built to the highest quality and with individuality in mind, for example, we fit bespoke kitchens to every property. If you get involved at an early stage there is the opportunity to customise your new home to your personal preference.



We are a locally based company run by local people. We know the local area, and understand it’s aesthetic and housing requirements. Wherever possible we use local suppliers and contractors to build our houses. We have expanded out of our usual working area to spread our reach and increase the choice available to you.


1343054536_sign-inAll our homes are priced to match the current market rate, we never add extra fees or payments. We aim to make our houses affordable for all so our house can become your home.